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Everyone is freaking out again because the Duchess has been meeting with Singaporean children and toasting with water, so she’s obviously pregnant.

I know better. I know she just does these things to screw around with my head. Well, it’s not going to work, Middleton. You are not going to get to me this time. I’ll believe pregnancy rumors when they’re confirmed by the Palace, and not a moment before.

Nothing to see here. I’m not panicking. I swear.

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The following is not a joke:

The above photo is Prince Charles and Camilla’s Christmas card picture.

This means that of all the photos taken of them in 2011, this is the best they could do. Charles looks bewildered, granddaughter Eliza looks borderline intoxicated, and Camilla looks like a Class-A tramp, as always.

You’d think Christmas would be the time to trot out the real family moneymakers — Camilla’s non-royal granddaughter is far less of a draw than the food baby Kate Middleton is carrying.

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