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Wow. The Heigl-Kelleys sure want that Naleigh to be famous and it is just not happening.

First, Katherine Heigl brought Naleigh out for an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which — first of all — is so not the venue for a late-night debut. (I myself am waiting for an invitation from Charlie Rose.)

Despite Heigl’s desperate claims that Naleigh is “hammy” and “likes applause,” the recalcitrant toddler sat quietly and did not cooperate with her mother’s plans. “She loves a crowd that loves her. She’ll be shy right now, but she loves applause,” she swore. Doesn’t Naleigh know what happens to people who cross Katherine Heigl?

Dad Josh Kelley, from offstage (as I assume he usually is in this family), told Naleigh to just be herself. He’s probably going to have his allowance docked, because I do not think that’s what his wife wanted.

Naleigh is also the star of Mr. Kelley’s new video for the song “Naleigh Moon.” It’s sweet, I guess, but look — not every celebrity child is going to be famous in his or her own right. (Some surpass expectations, but we are few and far between.)

What I’m trying to say is — stop trying to make Naleigh Kelley happen. It isn’t going to happen.

Oh, and your “home movies” look extremely unprofessional. J.J. Abrams shoots all of ours.

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