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Well, it’s here.

Beyonce reportedly gave birth to a daughter yesterday in New York, named either Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue. (Gwyneth Paltrow says it’s “Blue Ivy,” but since when has she been a trustworthy individual?) Ivy Blue Knowles-Z is a much better name, so obviously I’m pushing for the opposite.

For all of you who are concerned about my well-being, don’t be. I am fine. Well, I will be fine after my acupuncture appointment and a kickboxing class.

Here’s a picture of Amy Poehler’s ginger baby to cheer us all up:

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Obviously Amy Poehler’s baby wants to be taken seriously, but it’s really hard to do that when his hair is just so red.

How did Amy and her brown-haired husband Will Arnett manage to have such a ginger baby?

Recessive genes scare me. You never know what’s lurking in Tom’s gene pool.

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